An inflatable Santa Claus standing in the back of an old Chevrolet pickup truck next to a house on the west side of Ardmore Avenue, just north of Engle Road, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

About Me

I am a fine art photographer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was born here in 1975; and this northeast Indiana city has been my home except for a year and a half spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My work is primarily documentary in nature. I am a historian as well as an artist, and my interest in the past drives much of my work. Photography has allowed me to explore the world around me in a way that few people do. We live our lives surrounded by the evidence of the past. Old buildings stand as monuments to lives lived long ago, and old people are living witnesses to history.

Every year, I see the world around me change. Buildings demolished, new ones built. People die while new lives begin. Open a history book, and you’ll read hundreds or even thousands of pages of text about the wealthy, the famous, the powerful, the important. What of the silent masses, whose lives are the backbone of civilization? Read More…

10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Chris, I do not wish to get into the battle about artists on another site. But I agree with you about the elitists out there. I even see it in my line of work as a physician. It is amazing how it is other peoples fault if they do not appreciate what a talent that you are! Anyway, the whole discussion got me to look at your website and for what it is worth I like your work. Thanks for having the guts to lay out your opinion.


  2. Hi Chris:

    I followed the link to your site after reading a dpreview posting you made. You do a wonderful job of chronicling the swath of America you’ve traveled. good luck in your endeavors.

  3. Thank you for posting these wonderful photos of my home in the Texas Panhandle. You’ve managed to capture the beauty that we who live here enjoy,
    but often people passing through miss, as they often find it dull. These photos are lovely and your little boy is really cute too! I’ve been on that
    road by the wind farm in Vega many times. I like to drive out there, sit in my car and just look at the wind farm. It inspires hope in me. I attempted
    to purchase a couple of acres on that very road, so I could build a home there, but the owner isn’t interested in selling.

  4. hi chris
    im a sophmor at delano high school and im taking a phoography class and i have choose you as my artis in a presentation and i was hoping that you could send me a picture to put on a power
    sara fredrickson

  5. Hi Chris,
    Was just surfing and ran across your pictures from the Hoagland area. My family farm sits at the intersection of Hoagland Road and the Emenhiser Road. Mr. Youse passed quietly some time ago. As a child I would take wagons of corn and soybeans to Williams traversing the two mile run many times a day.

    I think your skills are amazing, thanks for posting your images.


  6. Hello Chris !
    I truly enjoy your pictures. They are alive and so meaningful. You have the ability to make us see beyond. You capture the spirit and that’s what touches me the most.

  7. Hello Chris !

    It’s me again ! Just passing through to look at some of my favorite pictures : the pictures of your grandfather ! You have so much talent and why not more pictures of your grandfather, his friends and neighbors.

  8. Hello
    Came across your site via RF Forum (must sign up myself).From the perspective of a very cold, grey and rain soaked UK they look almost exotic!
    I think it very important that such pictures are taken and preserved especially by someone such as yourself who clearly has a great love for the subject. It shows through.
    Michael Markey

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