Foggy February IX

Here is another of my photos from those two foggy days at the beginning of February. This outhouse and shed were found on a farm along Branstrator Road on February 4th. The farm was home to a beautiful long-haired black cat who rubbed on me and meowed the whole time I was there. I felt bad for her being out in the cold alone; her food and water bowls sat on the front porch of the house, so she was probably never let in. I told the woman living there that I was going to take her cat home with me but she said I couldn’t have it. I think the cat wanted to come anyway.

An outhouse and a small shed sit side by side among a group of trees on a farm in southwest Allen County, Indiana. The outhouse and shed are veiled in heavy fog and the ground is covered in snow. A barn is visible through the haze in the background.

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