The Zipper

When I was a kid first getting into photography, someone gave me a stack of Popular Photography magazines that were a couple months old at the time. This was in the mid 80’s when I was about 11-12 years old. One of them had, on the cover, a photo of a carnival ride called The Zipper. It was shot at night, with the ride in motion, using a long time exposure so that the lit-up sign was sharp and the ride formed a round blur of light behind the sign. I thought that was the coolest picture I’d ever seen. All the years after that I never saw a real Zipper ride, until I went to Santa Fe. The zipper has come to town a couple times with different carnival companies. These photographs were the first I took of the Zipper, and are from the carnival at the Rodeo de Santa Fe 2007 back in June.

The Zipper Ride at the carnival held during the Rodeo de Santa Fe 2007

This was made as the sun was setting and a storm was approaching. It began to rain soon after I made this exposure.

The Zipper Ride at the carnival held during the Rodeo de Santa Fe 2007. The carny looks at me when I take the picture

This was done a little earlier than the first photograph in the post before it got too dark.

The Zipper Ride at night during the carnival held during the Rodeo de Santa Fe 2007. A little boy jumps with excitement while he waits his turn on the ride.

This is my favorite. The lit up ride in the dark glows beautifully and the little boy waiting his turn to ride is so excited! This was made the day after the first two were made.

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