This cat attacked me a few months ago!

A few months before this photograph was made, I was walking down Wagner Street in Fort Wayne, near where I live, taking pictures to test a camera I had bought. This fat cat was sitting on a porch, so I stopped to photograph him. He ran out and began to rub my legs and purr before I could get a photo, so I petted him and he seemed really friendly. Until I stopped petting him. Then the S.O.B. turned around and tore open my hand! I jumped up and he began to rub my legs again! I pushed him away with my foot; I wasn’t petting him after he attacked me. As I walked away, he jumped at my legs and attacked them too!

I saw him out again the day I made this photograph, so I walked down and took some photos of him, which he allowed this time. The old man who owned him came out and told me that he had found the cat as a stray in Ohio ten years ago. He laughed when I told him about the cat attacking me the first time I saw it, and he told me that the cat had always had a bad attitude! 6-3-10

A fat shorthaired cat sitting on a sidewalk on a sunny day.

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