The Upholstery Outlet

The Upholstery Outlet is on Lower Huntington Road in the Waynedale area of Fort Wayne, Indiana. For many years, the front of their little building had been covered in political signs, most notably the two large ones that say “Stop Taxing Property.” In early 2012, I noticed that all the signs were gone, and the red, white and blue stars and stripes awning was replaced with a plain red one.

The front of The Upholstery Outlet in Waynedale is covered in anti-tax political signs, as well as large signs that say Open To Public.

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Bethel Cemetery

This little cemetery is on Winchester Road, just north of the abandoned Marion Township #10 Schoolhouse, in rural southeast Allen County, Indiana. I had photographed the schoolhouse back in 2005, but didn’t notice the cemetery at the time. I returned to the schoolhouse in 2012, and these little American flags stuck in the fence caught my attention.

Several small American flags hang in the fence at Bethel Cemetery on Winchester Road in Allen County, Indiana.

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Marion Township District 10 Schoolhouse #2

This graffiti is inside an abandoned one-room schoolhouse on Winchester Road, just north of South County Line Road in Allen County, Indiana. It is one of only a couple of these old schoolhouses that I have found with reasonably intact interiors. Most have had the floors and interior walls torn out so that they could be used as barns or garages.

The entire interior is covered in spray-painted graffiti. This is on the back wall, where the blackboard would have been. I photographed it through one of the broken-out windows. Poison ivy covered the window frames, making it impossible for me to go inside!

I find it amusing that the graffiti appears to have been built up with different vandals responding to previous graffiti. An American flag has the word “fuck” written under it, with an arrow pointing at the flag. One vandal was patriotic, another wanted to say “Fuck America,” and another added a woman’s name next to the curse word to say “Fuck Alice.”

I had photographed the front of the schoolhouse back in 2005, and I made this photograph of the interior yesterday afternoon.

Graffiti covers the interior of an abandoned one-room schoolhouse in Indiana. It includes an American flag, the word Fuck, the word Porn, and several names of people.

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Byron Tuberculosis Sanatorium Physician’s Residence

This house is one of the two surviving physician’s residences on the grounds of the Irene Byron Tuberculosis Sanatorium on Lima Road (State Road 3) just outside Fort Wayne, Indiana. The sanatorium itself was demolished decades ago, and the two houses have sat empty for many years. The government of Allen County still owns them. I photographed it in December, 2008.

The front door of the brick Tudor style physicians residence house at the former Irene Byron Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Allen County, Indiana.

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