There Is Nothing In Here Worth Your Life

Most of the first floor windows on this house on Swinney Avenue in Fort Wayne are boarded up with corrugated metal. The rest are covered up with large American flags. The front door has a sign saying that the place is protected by ADT Security Service, and a sticker on the door’s window says “Warning there is nothing in here worth your life.” I wonder how many times this place was burglarized to make the owner so paranoid? I think that I would just move!

A house on Swinney Avenue in Fort Wayne with windows covered with corrugated steel and an American flag covering the window in the front door. A sticker on the door warns that the owner will kill thieves.

Here is a close up of the sticker on the door:

A sticker that says Warning there is nothing in here worth your life

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Elwoods Appliances #4

Elwoods Appliances in Waynedale recently put up the row of little American flags in front of the store and the “America United” sign in the door. They’ve been having that scratch and dent sale for years! The store actually specializes in selling slightly damaged, but fully functional, GE appliances at discount prices.

Interestingly, Waynedale has two little locally owned appliance stores. Sandpoint TV Service is right down the street. There are few other locally owned appliance stores in Fort Wayne. See the next photograph of Elwood’s Appliances.

I made this photograph yesterday evening.

A row of small American flags stand along the front of Elwoods Appliances in Waynedale. A banner says that they are having a scratch and dent sale on General Electric appliances.

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Brewers Art Supply

This colorful storefront on Wells Street is Brewers Art Supply, a store that sells equipment and materials for making beer and wine at home.

The building used to be home to Artistry In Ink Tattoo, and the owners of the homebrewing store kept the colorfully painted facade, changing the words from Piercing and Tattooing to Homebrewing and Winemaking.

The door closing off the space between the building and the Mexican ice cream parlor next door still has the Snap One graffiti on it, which I photographed in 2010.

I made this photograph of Brewers Art Supply on Saturday afternoon.

The colorfully painted brick storefront of the Brewers Art Supply, a homebrewing store on Wells Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Herrero Printing Company

I have always thought that Herrero Printing Company’s building on Lafayette Street in downtown Fort Wayne was interesting. The back part of it looks like a centuries-old Italian building, and the front is an ugly modern metal and brick box. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed the American flag and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day banner in the front windows, and decided to stop and photograph it.

An American flag and a Happy Saint Patricks Day sign in the window of the Herrero Printing Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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