Turn-N-Headz Barber Shop

This barber shop at the corner of South Calhoun Street and McKinnie Avenue in Fort Wayne looks like something out of the 1950s. There aren’t many old storefronts like this left in the city from that time. I photographed Turn-N-Headz right after photographing the building to the left, which is home to the Alley Kat Ink Tattoo Shop.

Turn-N-Headz Barber Shop on South Calhoun Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Alley Kat Ink

I’ve wanted to photograph this interesting old storefront for a very long time, but there were usually cars parked in front of it during the day. After months of driving past the building on South Calhoun Street in Fort Wayne, which I pass every day when I drive my son to school, I found the parking lot empty! This beautiful little building looks out of place in the row of plain looking buildings that it is part of.

The building is home to Alley Kat Ink, a tattoo shop. After I made my photographs, I spent a while talking to the owner, a man about my dad’s age, about art. Several younger members of his family all work there too.

A brick building that looks like an old 19th Century English storefront with slate roof and dormers that is home to Alley Kat Ink tattoo shop on South Calhoun Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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In Hiding

I made this photograph when I was a senior in high school. Our school’s student newspaper staff, on which I was a photographer, went to a high school journalism conference at Butler University in Indianapolis. We were playing around on the campus while waiting for a seminar to begin, and someone stuck her shoe in this hollow tree. I snapped a picture. This was in 1994.

A canvas athletic shoe in the opening of a hollow tree, which looks like someone is hiding in the tree.

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