US-285 Between Vaughn and Roswell

This lonely landscape is in central New Mexico on US-285 between Vaughn and Roswell, looking north in the direction of Santa Fe. This area was one of the few places in New Mexico getting much rain, as the green landscape shows. Most of the state has been hit hard by the 2011 drought.

Dramatic clouds hover over US-285 as it goes over a hill in an empty landscape in central New Mexico.

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Ranch Trailer near Encino, New Mexico

I saw these old trailers on a ranch along US-285 just west of Encino, New Mexico. I wanted to stop in Encino and photograph some other places that I remembered from when I lived in Santa Fe, but the light wasn’t coming from the right direction to photograph those buildings, so I had to go back to Encino another day. It is a very interesting little town that is nearly abandoned. We were on our way to Roswell the day that I made this photograph.

Two old mobile homes in a grassy field under dramatic clouds near the livestock pens on a ranch on US-285 near Encino, New Mexico.

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Sister Rosa Palm Reader

This fortune teller has been in business for a long time. I’d wanted to photograph her shop when I lived in Santa Fe several years earlier, but wasn’t able to because there were always a lot of cars parked in front of the building. I finally got it done during my trip to Santa Fe in the summer of 2011.

I’ve seen several businesses like this open and close in my hometown in Indiana, Fort Wayne, but they never lasted long. People in the midwest are just too down to Earth to believe in that sort of thing.

Sister Rosa’s Palm Readings is right around the corner from a house on Camino Sierra Vista that I photographed a few minutes later.

The front of Sister Rosa's Palm Readings shop on Saint Francis Drive in Santa Fe. The signs on the porch advertise Tarot card readings and a two for one summer special.

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Pony Espresso in Santa Fe

This little drive-through coffee stand sits in the parking lot of the Phillips 66 gas station on Cerrillos Road near downtown Santa Fe. This is the gas station with the restrooms that were locked up because of vandalism. The Rainbow Snow shaved ice stand sits on the edge of this same parking lot.

Photographed on 8-12-11.

The Pony Espresso drive through coffee shop on Cerrillos Road in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Restrooms Closed Due To Vandalism

This hilarious sign hangs on the entrance to the restrooms at a Phillips 66 gas station on Cerrillos Road, just west of Saint Francis Drive, in Santa Fe. Graffiti is a big problem in Santa Fe. I remember, back when I lived there, being amazed at how much of it there was in such a small town. Santa Fe is about the size of Muncie, Indiana. My hometown, Fort Wayne, is five times the size of Santa Fe, yet has far less graffiti!

Since the sign mentions “Excessive” graffiti as the reason for locking the restrooms, I wonder if that means there is an “acceptable” amount? Perhaps two graffiti tags is ok, but the third just crosses the line? Maybe I’m just overthinking this…?

A sign on a gas station restroom in Santa Fe that says that the restrooms are locked due to excessive vandalism.

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Slow Down!

I found this hilarious speed limit sign on a dirt road in the hills just north of the former mining town of Cerrillos, New Mexico. Slow down, this is not a **** freeway! This sign needs to be added to every speed limit sign in Fort Wayne, where I live. Idiot drivers here all seem to think that the speed limit is a damned minimum, not the maximum speed!

A sign that says to slow down hangs under a speed limit sign in the hills near Cerrillos, New Mexico.

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