Santa Fe Antiwar protest

Peace activist and Palestinian rights advocate Bill Christison protesting against both the war in Iraq and American funding of Israel. He was an advocate for the rights of the Palestinians under the Israeli occupation and former CIA analyst who was concerned with the Middle East. Sadly, I learned that Bill passed away in June, 2010.

The license plate frame that he holds says, “My next license plate will be made by Bush and Cheney.”

This is one of the weekly protests against the Iraq War in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Antiwar activists gather every Friday at Noon at the corner of Saint Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road, the city’s busiest intersection.

I made this photograph back in December, 2006. I finally got it scanned for my website today.

An antiwar activist holds a sign that says "Stop funding war and Israel, they are closely related." at a protest against the Iraq War in Santa Fe. He also holds a license plate frame that says "My next license plate will be made by Bush and Cheney!"

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Saint Michael’s Lutheran Church Demolition

I drove past Saint Michael’s Lutheran Church on Getz Road in Fort Wayne, after eating dinner at a nearby Pizza Hut on the evening of June 28, and was shocked to see the unique A-Frame structure torn apart by a wrecking crane. Half of the building still stood, while the other half was on the ground in front of what remained of the church. I quickly stopped and photographed it as the light was fading. A few days later, I drove down Getz Road again, and it was all gone.

The old building had already been replaced by an ugly modern building, as seems to be the fashion for churches today.

A wooden A-Frame on the ground in front of the partially demolished sanctuary of Saint Michael's Lutheran Church on Getz Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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September 11 Flag

The flag in the front window of this old house was clipped from one of the local newspapers almost eight years before I photographed it. The newspapers in Fort Wayne printed these flags on heavy newsprint right after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. People all over the city hung the paper flags in their windows to show their sympathy for those who were killed in the attacks. Most of them faded away and were taken down long before this one, which remained on display until late 2010 or early 2011. The house is at the corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Van Buren Street in the West Central neighborhood near downtown Fort Wayne. I photographed it in August, 2009.

A faded and wrinkled paper American flag cut from a newspaper hangs in the front window of a rundown old house in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Win Barack Obama at the Carnival

This Barack Obama doll was among the prizes you could win at the balloon darts game during the 2011 Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne. The button on the president’s suit is emblazoned with his election slogan, “Yes We Can.” An American flag, a portrait of Christ, money, and a dollar sign license plate hang in the background above the balloons!

A Barack Obama doll hangs with the other prizes in a carnival balloon dart game next to an American flag and a portrait of Jesus Christ.

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