The Christmas House

The owner of this little house on Warren Street in Fort Wayne must love Christmastime and snowmen! The joy in the holiday and patriotism one sees in poor neighborhoods like this one are very rare among those among the wealthy and middle class who would have more reason to love their country and more to spend on the great merchant’s holiday that Christmas has become.

The signs in the yard say: “I love Christmas”, “Let it snow”, and “Merry Christmas.”

A little bungalow covered in Christmas decorations and snowmen with a tattered American flag flying from a flagpole in the snow covered yard on Warren Street on the east side of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The Sandia Mountains 7-6-07

I made this photograph right before a storm began over northern New Mexico. Standing on the top of La Bajada Mesa a few miles southwest of Santa Fe, I gazed out over the valley below at the the Sandia Mountains that rise up over the northern edge of Albuquerque, 45 miles away. This spot on the mesa was one of the most beautiful places to see the Sandias.

The Sandia Mountains of northern New Mexico under a stormy sky full of dark clouds.

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