Bloodmoney Tattoo on Wells Street

Bloodmoney is one of at least three tattoo and body piercing shops on Wells Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I think it is the latest one to open, since I don’t remember it being here before I moved back to Indiana a couple of years ago. Smoky’s Records, located across the street, can be seen in the window reflections.

The front windows of Bloodmoney Tattoo and Piercing Shop on Wells Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Artistry In Ink Tattoo

This building was home to Artistry In Ink Tattoo, one of several Tattoo shops on Wells Street, for many years. It sat empty for quite a while before I photographed it. In November of 2010 the Brewers Art Supply store, a company that sells home beer brewing supplies, moved into this building from its former location in the little shopping center down the street. They retained the graffiti style painted signs on the front of the building, which were changed to say “Homebrewing.”

The abandoned brick Artistry In Ink Tattoo Shop on Wells Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A real estate agent's sign hangs in the window and the signs say Tattooing and Piercing.

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The south end of Wells Street

This little kid’s tricycle always sits on the sidewalk in front of the building on the southern end of Wells Street near the old bridge just north of Fort Wayne’s downtown area. There are several apartments on the building’s top floor, above the shops that include a biker leather shop, Cloud 9 Hookah Bar, and The Bean Coffeehouse.

I made this photograph in the early evening looking north toward Richard’s Bakery. One of the new Wells Corridor street signs is visible in the background along with the Victorian style streetlights that were installed as part of the city’s effort to beautify the Wells Street area.

A child's tricycle sits on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to an upstairs apartment in a storefront building on Wells Street in Fort Wayne. Two bicycles are chained to a bike rack near the street.

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Packrat’s Mini Flea Market

I was talking to Sam Hyde at Hyde Brothers Books one day when he told me that I should visit Packrat’s, because the guy who owns this store, which is only open on weekends, collects and sells Lego sets. My son is a HUGE Lego fan, so after Sam told me about Packrat’s, I took Mack there. He was in heaven! This guy has the biggest collection of Legos we have ever seen, many of them quite old. I bought Mack a 20 year old Lego set and a ghost minifigure. Minifigures are the little people that come in the Lego sets.

Packrat's Mini Flea Market in an old brick storefront on Wells Street in Fort Wayne with signs in the windows that advertise toys and games.

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Smoky’s Records

For decades, Smoky’s Records was a fixture on Wells Street and the store’s owner, Charles “Smoky” Montgomery, was a local icon in Fort Wayne. The store was filled with thousands of old vinyl records, while Smoky was a walking encylcopedia of music knowledge. He also organized bus tours, sold concert tickets, and as the sign in the window shows, he had a great sense of humor. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 84. The store was still full of records, guitars, and other stuff when I made this photograph in 2010. I don’t think it is still open anymore though.

A sign in the front window of Smoky's Records on Wells Street in Fort Wayne proclaims Smoky's Economic Plan: Trim the pork, cut the bull, and get it on a roll.

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