The Three Rivers Festival 2010

I always walk around the Three Rivers Festival every year and photograph the people and carnival rides. The festival is held every summer in July in Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. This year I live downtown right around the corner from the park so I got to spend a lot of time there. Here’s a photograph of a ride called the Fire Ball.

The Fireball ride at the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a blur of motion in the dark night illuminated by the brightly lit carnival ride.

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My Cat Died

My cat, Simba, died tonight at age 16 from kidney failure. He was born at my parents’ house on Halloween the year I graduated from high school. He stayed there his entire life, where he enjoyed terrorizing their dog, demanding food, and making people bow before him. My son and I miss him.

A fat old long haired cat staring at the camera. A toy dog lays on the cat's bed by the patio door windows.

Simba a year ago, much reduced in weight from his younger days.

A longhaired cat looking over the edge of the kitchen table to steal food.

A cat being fed at the kitchen table.

Simba demanding, and getting, food from my sister and mother.

A young man holds a gigantic longhaired orange Maine Coon cat.

Simba and I when he was at his fattest.

A fat longhaired orange cat sleeping under a window.

His second favorite activity, after eating.

A tortoiseshell female cat nursing her kittens in a box.

Simba and his brothers and sister with their mother.