Molly Died

My grandpa’s old cat, Molly, died tonight. She just died from old age, she hadn’t been sick. She was 19 years old and had outlived grandpa by more than a year. She was born to one of grandpa’s other cats when I was in high school, and I wanted to take her home but my parents wouldn’t let me back then. She stayed there and ended up being his only cat for several years.

A lot of people thought that she was evil. She’s known to have killed at least two rattlesnakes (yes, there are rattlesnakes in Indiana!), and she has attacked several large dogs. She used to pile up big heaps of dead mice next to grandpa’s house. She loved me though. She would run out and rub all over me every time I visited, unless I had pissed her off the last time I saw her by feeding the dog, or petting him. She didn’t like to share. I miss her. My big orange cat, Simba, is Molly’s nephew. Molly’s sister was Simba’s mom.

An old cat sits in a window behind a curtain with her head bowed and her eyes closed

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Temple of Love and Light

I photographed this little church on Maumee Avenue, on Fort Wayne’s east side, in September of 2008. Yesterday, I drove past and was saddened to see it had been demolished. The main campus of Indiana Tech is located next to the site where the Temple of Love and Light stood. The college bought the land and is building an athletic center on the site.

The Temple of Love and Light Church on Maumee Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This brick building was once a bank with greek revival columns and pediment. The sign above the doors has an Egyptian Ankh symbol.

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