The Ortiz Mountains

This small mountain range in the southern part of Santa Fe County, New Mexico was one of the prettiest sights in that part of northern New Mexico. They’re visible from the city of Santa Fe and from most other parts of the county as well. This photograph was made near the town of Galisteo southeast of Santa Fe, looking out across the Galisteo Basin.

The Ortiz Mountains were one of my favorite subjects. I often photographed them from the top of La Bajada Mesa just outside Santa Fe, where I saw the side of the mountains opposite the side shown here.

I have more photographs from my years in Santa Fe that I’ll be slowly adding as time goes on.

The Ortiz Mountains under a big blue sky on a hazy day in December. The open pasture in the Galisteo Basin stretches back to the horizon toward the distant mountains. Photographed from New Mexico state highway 41 north of Galisteo

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