Four Old Friends Are Gone

For many years, I have returned to this group of trees standing watch over a field along Yohne Road in rural southwest Allen County just east of Fox Island nature preserve and the National Serv-All Landfill. On the morning of September 2, I drove past them for the first time in a month, and they were gone! Construction machines were tearing a gigantic hole in the earth over the entire field, so that the huge dump can expand to the south. I have many more photographs of them to add as I get the negatives printed. For now, these five will have to serve as a tribute to these old friends.

Trees on Yohne Road, landscape in allen county, indiana in summer with yellow flowers

Trees on Yohne Road in a storm, allen county, indiana landscape with soybeans in the foreground

foggy winter landscape with bare trees in rural allen county, indiana. Yohne Road near the National Serv-All landfill

foggy landscape with trees and sunset in allen county, indiana

a group of lonely trees in the middle of a field after the sun has set, with the moon visible in the sky. This is on Yohne Road in Allen County, Indiana near the National Serv-All landfill

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