Broken Heart

I am currently working on my masters degree, so I spend a few days a week on the campus of Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne. Last Wednesday, I noticed hearts drawn with sidewalk chalk all over the walkways on the campus. All of the walkways, or so it seemed! I stopped to photograph this line of hearts because it had the only broken heart I saw. The hearts turned out to be a visual lead to written anti-abortion messages chalked on the walks and plazas at various places around the campus.

A sidewalk covered in chalk drawings of hearts on the Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne campus. The sidewalk chalk drawings were made by antiabortion activists. One of the hearts is drawn as a broken heart.

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Sign Atop the GE Factory

This is the famous sign atop one of the old General Electric factory buildings on the huge GE complex between Broadway and Fairfield Avenue in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. A lot of people in my grandma Rosa Eastes’ family worked there, including her father, at least two of her brothers, and the wife of one of her brothers. Thousands of Fort Wayne residents worked at this complex and another GE facility on Taylor Street in the early 20th century. The Taylor Street factory is now operated by another company, and a lot of the jobs at the Broadway complex have been shipped to Mexico. One of the buildings here was demolished a few years ago, though the rest still operate.

The sign is a famous landmark in Fort Wayne. I had to photograph it while it is still here. Before posting this photograph, I found out that GE has a similar, but larger, sign atop one of their factories in Schenectady, New York, the hometown of General Electric.

The large lighted sign on top of the old brick General Electric factory on Broadway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The sign has the GE logo above the name General Electric spelled out in little light bulbs.

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Elwood’s Appliances in Waynedale

The GE starburst sign at Elwood’s Appliances in the Waynedale area of Fort Wayne is a famous landmark. At night, little lightbulbs on the starburst light up and move outward while the GE logo in the center flashes on and off. I think that this sign has been there since the 1950’s, but I am not sure. I promised the owner of the store a print, so I’ll ask him when I give it to him.

The starburst shaped General Electric sign outside Elwoods Appliances in the Waynedale area of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The sign has hundreds of tiny bulbs radiating out from the center with a lighted GE logo.

Elwoods is one of a tiny handful of locally owned appliance stores left in Fort Wayne. Waynedale actually has another locally owned appliance store, Sandpoint TV Service, down the street from Elwoods on Lower Huntington Road.

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Mexico 1/2 Mile

On January 11, I was driving north on US 31 in Miami County, Indiana. I had taken my son to see his mother in Logansport and we were driving back to Fort Wayne on US 24 when I decided to take US 31 north toward Rochester. There was a place there I wanted to photograph on the way home.

We never made it there because I saw this huge arrow-shaped sign along US 31 pointing down a country road: MEXICO 1/2 MILE. I spent some time there photographing until it got too cold for us; the temperature was dropping and it was beginning to snow. I’ve been back one more time, after another visit to Logansport.

Miami County is interesting because there are several towns with Latin American or Hispanic names: Chili, Mexico, Peru, and even a Santa Fe. I plan to visit the others in the future.

A sign shaped like alarge arrow that says Mexico 1/2 mile along US 31 in Miami County, Indiana. Below the sign is a smaller sign that says Our churches welcome you.

I made several photographs that day and on my later visit. The photograph of the Burrows Insurance Agency was posted a few days ago, but here it is again:

Burrows Insurance Agency building in the small town of Mexico, Indiana in Miami County. The building is a cement block building on the town's main street.

Here is the Mexico Fire Department:

The Mexico Fire Department in the small town of Mexico, Indiana. It is a cinderblock garage with a long light above the door and a small dumpster next to the building.

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Trash the Politicians!

One day near the end of January, I discovered that one of the dumpsters in the apartment complex I live in had been hit by a political protest of sorts. The spray-paint wielding citizen put our elected officials in their place by painting “Insert Politicions” on the front of the dumpster. Too bad he couldn’t spell P-O-L-I-T-I-C-I-A-N-S!

I made this photograph on Valentine’s Day. The dumpster was replaced with a new one soon after.

A dumpster at Hickory Creek Apartments in Waynedale. Vandals have spray painted insert politicians on the dumpster as a political protest

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