Not Just Photography!

Although photography is my primary medium, I have tried many other forms of art over the years. When I was an art student at Indiana University – Fort Wayne in the late 90’s I had to take classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking. I am starting to show some of the better examples of my non-photographic art in a new section of my website.

Softground etching of a barn in a field in rural Ohio

This softground etching was one of my favorites from the printmaking classes I took as an undergrad. The scene is one I found in Ohio near Saint Marys, where I went to photograph a wedding. I did a lot of wedding photography back then to raise money for school.

Self portrait oil painting by Christopher Crawford

This oil painting is a self-portrait, made looking in a mirror, done for an advanced painting class.

black and white lithograph of a chair on the end of a lake pier

This a lithograph printed from a limestone block. I made this last month in a graduate level printmaking class that I am taking from Chris Ganz at Indiana University – Fort Wayne.

I signed up for the class to learn a process called Photo-Etching, but Professor Ganz convinced me to try lithography as well. The process was labor intensive and difficult but really fun. I didn’t think I would be interested in it at first, but I’d like to do more with it.

three color lithograph of a chair on the end of a lake pier

This three color lithograph was made from the same stone as the black and white version above. The stone was reworked with steel scrapers and needles after each color was printed to allow different areas to show different colors and tones.

Life is Good

This abandoned storefront in the Pevert Building next to Twenty Past Four at the corner of Broadway and Thompson Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana caught my eye earlier this summer. The door says “Life is Good”.

Recently I noticed that the drug paraphernalia store next door had put their name in the windows of the Life is Good store. It must be for them!

The Pevert building at the corner of Broadway and Thompson Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The brick building's abandoned storefront has LIFE IS GOOD written on the door.

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Sandpoint TV Service in Waynedale

Sandpoint TV Service is one of those rarities in the modern world, an independent locally owned appliance store. It has been located on Lower Huntington Road in Waynedale longer than I have lived. My parents bought a TV here when I was a kid, and they got it serviced here at least once that I can remember. Back then, people had electronics repaired when they broke. Today, you throw it out and buy a new one.

Sandpoint TV service company on lower huntington road in the Waynedale area of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The sign posts display signs for RCA, Whirlpool, and Zenith. Air conditioners are displayed in the front window and an arrow sign advertises Verizon FiOS television service.

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