How Many More Do You Have to Take?

I took my son to the fireworks on the 4th of July this year. My girlfriend and I took our cameras and photographed the crowds, and of course I made several photographs of MacKenzie. He finally got annoyed with my photographing, as you can see in this photograph from that evening.

MacKenzie Crawford on July 4th, 2008 looking annoyed that he is being photographed again

Catrina got a great photograph of my son and I together that evening as well. I have few photographs of Mack and I together because I am the one with the camera most of the time. This is one of the best that I have of us!

Christopher Crawford and his son, MacKenzie Crawford. Christopher is holding an Olympus OM-4T camera. Photograph by Catrina Kleven

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My Son

This photograph of my son, MacKenzie Crawford, was made last month on the day that I made the photographs of the clothespins at an abandoned farmhouse near Fort Wayne. My son had stayed with me several days and he came along when I went out photographing. I made this quick portrait that afternoon while my girlfriend was photographing an old building.

My son, MacKenzie Crawford at age 11

I have also created a new project category on my main website for my portraits of MacKenzie. I have made hundreds of photographs of him over the years, and several of them have been on display in my Portraits category. I’ve decided to give him his own page, which I will be adding more to soon. I have many more photographs of him to scan and some new ones that I made on the 4th of July this year!

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