Abandoned Farm on Feighner Road II

Here is the second photograph from the abandoned farm on Feighner Road in southwest Allen County, Indiana. This ceramic owl stands on a post next to the house, from which it watches over the yard. Photographed in the late evening on May 29. I went back to this location over the weekend to photograph some more. Those photos, as well as the rest from last month, will be online soon.

A ceramic owl sculpture with glass mosaic sits on a wooden post next to an abandoned farmhouse on Feighner Road in rural Allen County, Indiana.

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Abandoned Farm on Feighner Road

There is a really interesting abandoned farm on Feighner Road just north of Yoder Road in southwest Allen County, Indiana. The farm has several barns and small sheds and a large farmhouse. I made several photographs there on an evening near sundown a couple weeks ago, and I plan to go back to photograph more.

This barn is interesting to me because of the wooden silo. Wooden silos are uncommon in northern Indiana. Most old silos I see here are concrete or steel, not wood.

A barn with a wooden silo on an abandoned farm on Feighner Road in southwest Allen County, Indiana. The barn has a slate roof.

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My Son

I made this quick portrait of my son, MacKenzie Crawford, last weekend when he was staying with me. I don’t usually talk about the equipment I use, as the cameras are just tools that I use, but this one was unusual and it illustrates the fact that good photographs can be made without having the latest equipment.

This photograph was made with a 50 year old Agfa Isolette II, a rather primitive camera that has no light meter (you guess exposure, or use a handheld meter) and you focus by guessing the distance to the subject and setting that distance on the lens!

The camera was a gift from a member of the Analogue Photography Users Group, a web forum for people who use film (preferably with old cameras).  He restored several of these and gave them to fellow APUG members. I was lucky enough to be one of those who received one. Thanks John!

my son, mackenzie crawford at age 11

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Abandoned Farm

A couple weeks ago, Catrina and I went to a garage sale on Knoll road in Allen County, just outside the city of Fort Wayne. Across the street from the garage sale was a farm with an old rusty 1940’s era Chevrolet truck sitting in a field. We drove over there intending to photograph the truck, but when we knocked on the door of the house, no one answered and the house looked empty. We decided to walk around and see if the barns behind the house looked interesting. I found this little shed behind the house.

A wooden shed covered in vines with weathered wood siding on an abandoned farm in Allen County, Indiana. A broken window faces out from the side of the little shack.

I have several other photographs from this place that I will put online soon, and Catrina has several that she made here on her website too.

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Baer Field Speedway

Baer Field Speedway is a stock-car track located near Waynedale on the southern edge of Fort Wayne International Airport (Formerly known as Baer Field). I had not been there since I was a little kid, and things had changed a bit. This smaller track had been added on the other side of the gravel parking lot from the main track.

I also photographed the main entrance to the original track, which I’ll add in a few days. These photographs were made as the sun was setting on a rainy, dreary spring day a couple weeks ago.

The ticket booth to the smaller track at Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The little building has an enormous billboard covered in advertisements that stretches from the ticket building to the adjoining bleachers. Photographed at sunset.

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